Friday, April 24, 2009

Fight Against Metal Mining

Fight to the total metal mining

At 9.30 began the 9th forum UAC was an impromptu press conference. The first answer was the Nobel prize, Pérez Esquivel, who emphasized that "it is possible that the president veto the law of glaciers, because we can live without oil, not gold, not cars, but we can not live without water. What World We leave to our children and grandchildren? predation or we accept the social resistance. "

Although Javier Rodríguez Pardo began his presentation by saying that very quiet and not against mining, "which I put the glasses come from mining," he said, but quickly cautioned that it fight opencast mining, which is used large mining to extract ore from low grade, ie low concentration and very scattered. "The minerals were exhausted and companies use extraction methods perverse exploitation, pollution and plundering," said pretty excited. Later he spoke of the reunion of Peter Munk, Barrick main shareholder, with President Cristina Kirchner, a few days ago, "this meeting was to ask the president to rush the Pascua Lama project, hence the question was asked about some weights and other weights demanded more, "he said without giving further details.

With the same tone, Marta Maffei noted that "it is not environment versus development, it is plunder vs environment, because development is a word, that is to grow, improve and distribute the resources."

Lucio Cuenca, the Chilean group OLCA said Barrick has already intervened in glaciers Toro 1, Toro 2 and Esperanza, near Easter, which have their counterpart in the Argentine side Lama. "There are studies that indicate that these glaciers have decreased by 50%, they have built 13 Barrick probing platforms, other platforms around 150 glaciers and a walk over glaciers Toro 1 and 2."

The prosecutor of Tucumán, Antonio Gomez, said that "we can not do that our rights are respected when impunity is the central problem. The only way to stop environmental criminals to jail and do it or not is the decision of the judges and prosecutors in the country. "

Deputy national Fernanda Reyes, the ARI, called for a paradigm shift, "we have lost the resources we need to start thinking from another location and the environmental issue should be a priority," he said.

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