Friday, April 11, 2008

Barrick tour of El Indio

Today along with the Alcaldesa of Vicuña Gloria Torres and representatives from community we visited the Mine El Indio In the III Region of Chile. We left Compania Minera Nevada's offices at 7am for the 3+ hour drive to the project with the superintendente of sustainable development of Barrick, Henry Martínez .

Prior to leaving we had to have a health exam with a doctor to be authorized to travel to the project .Upon arrival we had to follow up with another health exam on the day of to see if we were fit to travel up to the altitude of 4000m+ .

We were then treated to a lunch and video presentation of the Plan of Closure for El Indio as well as the many other projects of Barrick worldwide. People afterward were able to openly ask whatever question they had about the projects past and future operations. Some of the people's questions were quite about the negatives effects of the mines history up to this point.

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